Social media apps seen on a mobile phone.

How to Create Engaging Content on Social Media

Creating engaging content on social media can help ensure that followers will keep coming back to your page or profile. It can also lead to your content going viral, which means that you’ll probably get more followers altogether. Why is Engagement Important? Social media engagement creates more awareness for your brand. Posting regularly is not […]

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A writer writes his notes down for a blog

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

In this day and age of finding out your probable sickness through a quick google inquiry, or the ease of ditching a long taxi queue through booking a ride home with an app, the internet has definitely advanced our lives in many ways –more so, our businesses. In 2017, nearly 100% of consumers check the […]

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Poster of a greek statue with text

What Are You Made Of?

Many people think marketing is a skill or knowledge held by a select few. The truth is, marketing is core to each and every human being—it is expressed in everything that you do. Take, for instance, the way you dress up. Personal style is a way of marketing yourself—through the clothes you wear, the scent […]

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A smartphone is being used for business

Your Business is Our Business

Communications is serious business. It entails bringing across messages over different platforms and toward numerous stakeholders. A lot could go wrong. The message might not have captured the intention accurately. The way it was transmitted might have failed. Or it may have been transmitted to the wrong recipients. That’s why working with a reliable and […]

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Complete team of NGP Integrated Marketing Communications

All About Connecting Your Story

    Your brand has a trademark character. Communicating what your brand is all about takes getting into the heart of your story, before releasing information at the right time, using the right communications platform. Extrinsically, this requires expertise in employing media tools and platforms. Intrinsically, connecting your story is about having an in-depth understanding […]

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