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5 Rules of Social Media Marketing and Strategy

Businesses often turn to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram to promote their product or cause without having a solid social media marketing strategy. Without a strategy, the efforts and resources may just go to waste.   Why Can’t I Just Post Content?   Sure, you can just post stuff and see what sticks but that would […]

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Getting More Leads with Google Remarketing and Facebook Retargeting

Remarketing is a relatively new form of online advertising that has proven to be effective. It is mostly used by the Google Display Network and Facebook, with each having their own platform with the same premise.   What is Remarketing? As the name suggests, remarketing involves marketing to the same people who have already showed […]

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Digital marketers plan for a business campaign.

3 Best Practices for B2B Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for business to business is quite different since the target market varies. Instead of marketing to end consumers, you are convincing other businesses to buy or subscribe to your product.   Why Do B2Bs Need Digital Marketing?   Even if the target audience is different, B2Bs still need to market their service. Most […]

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Focus Areas of Digital Marketing: What You Need to Know

People know about digital marketing but many do not understand that it is an umbrella term. Knowing the different disciplines of digital marketing can help you better plan your marketing strategy based on these tools.   What Exactly is Digital Marketing?   Before going into the detailed bits of digital marketing, it is important to […]

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A content strategy is laid out on the table.

5 Steps to Making a Strong Content Marketing Strategy: A Guide

At the core of any successful public campaign is a strong content marketing strategy. How can you build one that will give you an edge over your competitors?   What is Content Marketing?   Before going deeper into how you can successfully develop an effective content marketing strategy, we have to know what the term […]

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4 Social Media Tools to Grow Your Followers

Social media management can be overwhelming, especially if you have to do everything by yourself manually. For business owners who want to take care of their own accounts, it is fine. However, the learning curve is longer.   Using social media tools, you can make your management easier. These can also work even if you are just […]

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