NGP IMC has an unparalleled expertise in providing public relations services, specializing in media and blogger relations. For 19 years, the team has been initiating publicity and meaningful interactions with legitimate media representatives, across different channels: print, broadcast and online. We engage them through several created opportunities, such as press conferences, press briefings, roundtable discussions, and familiarization tours. Our strong relationship with the media is forged by trust, mutual respect, and years and years of unceasing rapport-building. We value our relationship with journalists, holding media appreciation events every year.



Our media services include print, broadcast, and online media monitoring, keeping close tabs on stories about our client’s brands. We report media pick-ups everyday and provide a comprehensive media mileage report every after a publicity campaign or project.



 In addition, we empower clients by offering media training programs, equipping them to communicate their brand stories and messages well to members of the press. We also help them better handle crisis communications. We recommend strategies based on thorough analysis of the situation and the brand’s business goals. We have a dedicated team that solely takes on specialized PR handling for emergency, high-level or high impact adverse business situations.