Vision-Mission-Core Values




  • To offer responsive, adaptive and personalized service
  • To deliver results that create meaningful value for our partners
  • To provide innovative marketing and communications ideas through synergies from our regional network



We build partnerships with companies and organizations to effectively develop customized integrated marketing and communications solutions.





Team Overview


NGP is an agency that traces its roots from the personal public relations practice of an individual who aspired to make her own mark in the industry.


After decades of honing her skills and expertise in some of the best local and multinational agencies in the country, Nancy G. Pascual sought to offer clients a different brand of PR—one that is highly personal and personable, adaptive and responsive, and most importantly, effective and efficient.

From a one-woman team to an evergrowing agency that still keeps a boutique sensibility at heart—even through the years as the world of advertising and marketing has changed, public relations and communications remains to be at the heart of what we do. It is a philosophy centered on understanding a brand’s place in the market, sitting down with the client and determining the right communications strategies, and formulating the key messages that form the overall story.

This same discipline and process applies in the creative and memorable events that we produce, in the highly specialized and confidential crisis communications issues that we manage, and in the innovative social media and digital marketing campaigns that we develop.


We always believe in an integrated approach that delivers a consistent and resonating message across all marketing communications channels.