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A new perspective on digital marketing

Digital marketing is all around us. You’re probably holding one or two right now. It refers to different platforms (e.g., websites and applications), content (e.g., text, audio, video, and images), and services (e.g., information, entertainment, and communication) accessed and consumed through digital devices.

In the Philippines alone, millions of people rely on digital marketing not just for news and current events, but also for their livelihood, marketing, and communication needs.

There are around 76 million internet users in the country, with the internet penetration rate at 68%. There are also around 156.5 million cellular mobile connections in the country. The average internet connection speed stood at 46.44 megabits per second (Mbps), relatively slower for cellular networks at 18.68 Mbps (Ookla, 2022).

So it makes good business sense to invest in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy so your brand can reach your target audiences more effectively!

Different kinds of digital marketing for your business

Social Media Community Management – Build an authentic community through the best social media channels over a strategic timeline. The result? A network where you can authentically tell, share, connect — and grow!

Content Marketing – Content is king, consistency is queen, and content developers are your aces. We help you develop relevant optimized content from one-time observances to year-long content plans.

TikTok MarketingNot on TikTok yet? We’ll help you get started with end-to-end content development & roll-out strategies designed to leave a lasting impact to every For You Page you appear on.

Influencer Marketing – Bring your brand into niches and in front of audiences previously untapped with a solid strategy, compelling messaging, and an influential personality speaking your key messages to life.

Blog DevelopmentLong-form content in the form of blogs isn’t dead. In fact, it’s a must-have for your website — one that you can maximize and optimize with the help of a digital PR agency with an adept pool of writers (hint: that’s us!)

Webinar & Podcast ProductionReach a wider audience with increasingly popular digital formats such as webinars and podcasts. They’re the most versatile content of the bunch: a diverse range of topics with incredible content repurposing flexibility — from social media posts, voice snippets, SEO blog spinoffs, infographics, other mini-webinars, PR article references, and more.

Digital PR & SEO – Your seeded digital PR releases are reliable and noteworthy. Now, let Google and other search engines recognize and validate that with rich, relevant backlinks and strategic SEO.

Ads Management Get in front of your target audience faster, refine media buying strategies more accurately, and integrate all your ads across all platforms!

Website Development & Maintenance In the ever-evolving and fickle age of social media, standalone brand websites endure. If you don’t have one yet, or you’re trying to figure out how you can best optimize and maximize your exisitng site, we also offer website development, audits, and maintenance!

Personalized, Purposeful, and Effective Digital Strategy

At NGP-IMC, we craft solutions that meet your brand objectives, expand your digital footprint, and share your story to spur audience action. After that, we maximize and amplify your content as bite-sized packages sent out across different digital channels – social media pages, interest groups, forums, collaboration stories, and more.

NGP's Content Framework Strategy

Development of key messages based on relevant topics and keywords.

Production of content materials to be cascaded for various media executions (PR, social, blogs, etc.)

Repurposing of content for other avenues/channels that will help increase reach and engagement.

“The idea of working smarter, not harder, applies to content creation...

… If you’ve already come up with smart, evergreen content ideas. Why not make a lasting impact and make it work harder for you, too? Repurposing content into valuable snippets and into different formats is key.”

Harmony Adiao

NGP-IMC Editorial Lead


We craft personalized, purposeful, and effective digital marketing solutions

Digital PR solutions that meet your brand objectives, expand your digital footprint, and share your story to spur audience action. After that, we maximize and amplify your content as bite-sized packages sent out across different digital channels – social media pages, interest groups, forums, collaboration stories, and more.


Digital marketing at NGP-IMC

At NGP-IMC, digital marketing is just one of the services we offer our clients. Having a robust digital marketing plan bolsters your accessibility, reach, and reputation in the ever-evolving digital sphere, the new marketplace of ideas. Digital marketing is a strategic platform where we can tell, share, and connect your stories in meaningful ways that resonate with your target audiences.

No noise or clutter. All goals and KPIs. Personalized, purposeful, and effective IMC. Here’s The NGP Way of doing it:

Tailor-fit Communications
Impactful & Measurable
Integration at its core

IMC? That’s how we integrate your stories.

At its core, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is a complex marketing strategy that aims to connect messages together for a more unified approach. It involves utilizing and synergizing all of the available media touchpoints and promotional tools, whether it is traditional or digital.

One of the obvious advantages of using IMC for your business or brand is that you will be able to target a broader audience with a longer-lasting message. With the synergy of both traditional and digital tools, you can be sure that there is coherence with your brand’s story and message.

That’s success in connecting your story.


The Situation – AEON Credit Service Philippines Inc. provides appropriate financial services like installment loans for the purchase of consumer products. To reach more people, AEON launched an AEON mobile app – a fully digital, secure, hassle-free way to apply loans.

The Challenge – AEON mobile app lacks awareness and is getting low app downloads even while the company has several on ground marketing efforts. Thus, AEON sees the need to recalibrate and look for an approach that will address the problem.

The Goal – Create a google ads campaign that will, not only, increase the awareness of AEON’s mobile app, but also, contribute to the app downloads to support the client’s sales and marketing efforts.


The Situation

  • VRC struggle in selling-out 10% of units left
  • VRD delays in turn-over schedules are affecting sales opportunities
  • Both properties wanted to test getting leads through their branded FB pages.

The Challenge – Both VRC and VRD social media pages lacked traction and they are not doing promotional efforts to expand the reach of the page (purely organic)

The Goal – Create awareness among audience similar to their sales profiles and eventually generate leads from their facebook page; expand the message for “Be Free To Be”.


With 25 years of experience in integrated marketing and communications solutions, NGP-IMC offers personalized, purposeful, and effective services for our partners.