Connect with your target market through a unified, clear, and convincing message created from tried-and-true IMC tools


Your Campaigns Should Be Personal. An Integrated Marketing Communications Approach Can Help with That

Reaching the consumer. In a world full of noise, how does one penetrate and communicate a lasting and convincing message to people? Through an Integrated Marketing Communication or IMC plan!

IMC communicates one unified, clear, and convincing message directed to a certain target market using the six IMC tools: advertising, direct marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, public relations, and promotions and sponsorships.

“With a highly fragmented media and limitless alternatives for information , creating cut-through communication and engaging with our audience is a massive challenge...

…only partly overcome by consistency in our message: what we stand for and what our promise is all about. Integrated marketing communications across omni channel platforms is the glue that holds together our various efforts and enables us to present a unified brand story , increasing the likelihood that our message sticks and we still make some good money along the way.”

Francis S. del Val

IMC practitioner, Strategist,
Multi-industry activator in the Philippines

What are the benefits of getting an IMC-driven agency to your brand?

Results-driven end-to-end servicing tells one unified message that amplifies brand building efforts,  distinguishes itself from noise, and generates market recall.

Next-wave public relations management that utilizes all media platforms creatively and strategically, with the ultimate goal of reaching and engaging with the consumer.

Effective collaboration with media channels to create an efficient and successful campaign that fulfills client’s goals and objectives.

Integrated Marketing Communications as the Heart of NGP-IMC

For 25 years, NGP-IMC has dedicated itself to the craft of public relations.

As the industry changed, it also embodied the discipline of Integrated Marketing Communications. And while the expertise and service roster remains vast, varied, and ever-evolving, one ingredient for creatively-thought-out and innovatively-executed integrated marketing campaigns has stayed the same – collaborative storytelling.

We do this by working closely with our clients to help personalize their brand messages and send them to the right audiences.

This has always been our passion – to tell, share, and connect your story.

Integrated Marketing Communications as the Backbone of our Campaigns.


It’s no secret that cancer is one of the most serious illnesses in the world. Being a global partner in health and wellness, MSD in the Philippines launched Hope From Within locally in partnership with NGP-IMC to generate awareness, educate Filipinos on immunotherapy, and uplift the spirits of cancer patients. With our key messaging being hope (Hope from Within), the company strategically applied IMC-driven public relations in the traditional and digital scene, while using both tactical and thematic messaging. The result? The Hope from Within campaign was able to generate a total of P7.6 million PR Value to date. Highlights of media partnerships and seeding include top publications Inquirer.Net, The Philippine Star, Manila Times. Through these efforts, the Hope from Within campaign was also able to increase inquiries about cancer (i.e early detection, access to financial assistance and medical treatment facilities) significantly.

NGP-IMC was also able to generate a total of 245,000 views total from YouTube from videos spanning topics on breast cancer, lung cancer, and more. 

Tactical executions also include live event executions like the “Kalayaan ng Kababaihan Mula sa Cancer” media forum, in line with the Philippine’s Independence Day. This cancer awareness summit was able to reach over 400,000 people online.

The agency continues to work in close collaboration with MSD in the Philippines to create an even greater impact through different projects. Project Stronghold , for instance, is an initiative mounted by MSD in the Philippines to ensure that the needs of cancer patients were met amidst the difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. NGP-IMC helped raise awareness around this information through PR seeding in major national publications.

The  National Integrated Cancer Control Act (NICCA) or R.A 11215 was first enacted in 2019 to improve health service delivery and health financing. Hope from Within recognizes how NICCA could be monumental for Filipino cancer patients, so it continues to use its platform – managed by NGP-IMC – to raise awareness around and advocate the full implementation of this law. While this law has the potential to transform cancer care in the country, its impact is yet unknown given that the implementation is still in its early stages. The next step is to advocate for the full implementation of this mandate – and NGP-IMC is right behind the people supporting its passage.

With the dawn of globalization, both businesses and individuals have relied on couriers to deliver products quickly and effectively. DHL is a global German-based logistics company that has been in the business since 1969. Nowadays, the company delivers a total of 1.6 billion parcels per day, being a bridge between people around the world.

In their 25th year of importing excellence (import express, door-to-door, and Importing service), DHL sought NGP-IMC’s services to create a campaign that empowered Filipino Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to get their business on track despite the pandemic, and even gain presence in the world stage.

One of the main challenges of the campaign was that DHL didn’t have any local IMC-driven communications since most of their material was lifted from their global counterparts. NGP-IMC addressed the objective through localized, targeted messaging – the #SMEmpowered handle of the campaign. This message was delivered through Facebook and Google ad development and placements, website optimization, and strategic public relations.

The result? The campaign empowered over 1,400 SME owners to sign up for MyDHL. Out of all those prospects, the client booked at least 12 actual shipments. Furthermore, public relations stories featuring Filipino SMEs like Zarah Juan and Spinkie garnered a total of 18 pick-ups and about 3.53 million PR Value.


Home is more than a place where you sleep and rest. It is also a place where you can truly be yourself, to spend time with the people you love. When the country moved into the new normal, hybrid and work-from-home set-ups were integrated by more and more companies. Apart from that, with the Internet and other useful digital tools like Zoom and Google Workplace, out-of-office work set-ups became more feasible than ever.

For this campaign, Aboitizland aimed to increase awareness and talkability of The Villages at Lipa (TVL), highlighting its appeal as a ‘home base’ because of its access to relevant institutions, conveniences, and schools, while offering affordable, well-built homes that cater to different budgets and needs. NGP-IMC was able to address the goal of raising awareness by releasing engaging, relevant, and digestive bite-size information in the Hello Lipa Facebook page. Here, we communicated the safety, space, and quality of living that Aboitizland gives its residents through TVL. These stories were maximized from Aboitizland’s PR Retainer campaign with NGP-IMC. These digital PR maximizer efforts supported the mileage of the PR stories, and resulted in a total of 216,180 reach and 28,607 engagements, including several inquiries about the property.

Last 2019, COVID-19 entered the world, taking and affecting lives all over the globe. As of this writing, COVID-19 has taken the lives of a total of around 60,749 Filipinos. In response to the onslaught of the virus, professionals and corporations in the medical and science field dedicated their time, resources, and efforts to find cures and preventive measures to counter the virus. MSD, being one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, released the first treatment for COVID-19 in pill form last 2021, Molnupiravir. 

NGP-IMC was then asked to create a high-impact media awareness campaign across multiple media channels, about the breakthrough drug and its ongoing clinical trials here in the Philippines. In keeping with NGP-IMC’s desire to create personalized, meaningful, and purposeful messages, the agency was able to develop an IMC-public relations campaign utilizing both online and digital media. 

Crafted messages for broadcast, print, and online publications garnered a PHP55.8 million PR Value and a max of PHP20.54 million circulation/reach, 52 times higher than the initial investment. This is a result of multiple coverages that stemmed out of the original seeding efforts – a single interview generated an additional 2 to 3 interviews on other media outfits. Some of the media outlets who picked up the stories include,, and

Social media amplification efforts included paid placements in major publication social media assets like and PhilStar, resulting in a total of 900,967 reach and a maximum of 5.6% engagement reach versus the global engagement reach  percentage benchmark of 0.18%. More specifically, placements in geographically-relevant social media groups garnered a total reach of 77,645, total engagements of 336, and a total engagement rate of 0.44% – still higher than the global engagement reach percentage benchmark. 

Finally, making the most of the digital space, NGP and MSD also launched a webinar or livestream execution for Molnupiravir, which successfully garnered a total reach of 9.4 thousand, and total views of 6.4 thousand in one run.


How NGP-IMC Tells, Shares, and Connects Your Stories

In this industry, we come across many innovations that will give brands and companies an edge. Harness the power of data, storytelling, and out-of-the-box concepts, and you can achieve lasting brand presence and meet business goals. However, if the purpose is unclear, we risk losing ourselves amidst the noise and clutter.

This is why, at the advent of technological advancement in the digital era, NGP-IMC has kept our core.No noise or clutter. All goals and KPIs. Personalized, purposeful, and effective IMC. Here’s The NGP Way of doing it:

Tailor-fit Communications
Impactful & Measurable
Integration at its core

Together, let's communicate meaningful messages that uplift lives and deliver business results.