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NGP-IMC is a digital PR company in the Philippines, made of teams with a knack for storytelling and a passion for delivering positive results. We strongly believe in the power of close collaboration to build authentic and compelling narratives around your brand, no matter how big or how small you might be. And if you’re a local, homegrown business, we’re rooting for you even harder!

Wherever you might come from, whatever brand you might have, we know you have a story to tell. Let’s tell, share, and connect it.

NGP-IMC is also a member of the GO Communications Group, Asia’s largest independent PR network.


To offer responsive, adaptive and personalized service
To deliver results that create meaningful value for our partners

To provide innovative marketing and communications ideas through synergies from our regional network


We build partnerships with companies and organizations to effectively develop customized integrated marketing and communications solutions.



The Company Culture of #TeamNGP

When clients come to NGP-IMC for results, we always deliver.

That’s the NGP way: we live like the brand, working with all hands on deck until we create something outstanding in collaboration with the brand that benefits them and their market.

It’s a beautiful process, coupled with a work culture that ensures unity in independence, promotes care, love, and respect for all people, and most of all, completely trusts in what God can do in the lives of the people He brings together (that’s agency and client!)

Tell. Share. Connect.

“I was introduced to the fast and furious world of Public Relations by an aunt who owned one of the biggest PR agencies in the Philippines at the time. It was the mid-‘80s–an exciting but turbulent decade in our country. Fresh out of college from the Ateneo De Davao University, I initially thought that the job did not quite align with my degree in Business Administration. But I plodded on and without sounding too trite, PR grew on me. My appreciation for the field deepened as I became immersed in the daily rhythm of the practice.”



Nancy G. Pascual - owner of NGP Integrated Marketing Communications

OUR Outreach programs

NGP IMC is dedicated to youth development programs especially on the focus area of enabling young children pursue a brighter future through education.

Yellow Boat Foundation

In 2017, the NGP team braved the long and hilly terrain going to a pristine island in Caramoan, Bicol to be able to turn over a mobile boat library called Bankarunungan together with school supplies for the children in the locality. Children at far-flung areas such as Caramoan usually need to swim going to their school at a neighboring island.

It was satisfying for the team to know that the children, armed with an additional boat and school supplies, are now hopefully more motivated to pursue their dreams.

Kabayan, Benguet Outreach

The NGP team again set out to reach children this time at the Northern part of the Philippines in 2018.

Lebeng Elementary School at Mt. Pulag was very rewarding to visit, not only because of the beautiful mountainside scenery but even more so because of the smiles on children’s faces when the team gave them boots, books, school supplies, and a printer to aid the school and to supplement children’s education.

Samal island outreach

Our 22nd anniversary was extra special because we did an outreach program in the hometown of company president Nancy Pascual.

It was such an amazing experience for the NGP team as we brought smiles to the young students and teachers of Guilon Elementary School with the school supplies, slippers, protective headgear, and other essential items we gave them.

The team was also thrilled as the students surprised us with hand-made welcome scarves, and their special performances. The whole experience was definitely a memorable milestone of #NGPHomecoming22

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