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How We Connect Your Stories

We understand that you have a unique brand personality, problems to address, and target demographics.

We believe in collaborative storytelling to deliver the results that matter. This is why we craft and develop your campaigns according to three key aspects: needs, niche, and narratives. We aim to help businesses reach their audiences.

We do a thorough study of your brand to develop a tailored-fit communications strategy, according to your needs. Backed by our extensive experience, we endeavor to grow your brand across the market, using different media platforms, both traditional and digital, to connect your story to more people.

Tried and tested for 20+ Years


NGP IMC has more than 20 years of progressive experience in public relations, specializing in media and blogger relations. The team has been initiating publicity and meaningful interactions with legitimate media representatives, across different channels: print, broadcast and online. We engage them through several created opportunities, such as press conferences, press briefings, roundtable discussions, and familiarization tours. Our strong relationship with the media is forged by trust, mutual respect, and years and years of unceasing rapport-building. We value our relationship with journalists, holding media appreciation events every year.

Our media services include print, broadcast, and online media monitoring – keeping close tabs on stories about our client’s brands. We report media pick-ups everyday and provide a comprehensive media mileage report every after a publicity campaign or project.

In addition, we empower partners by offering media training programs, equipping them to communicate their brand stories and messages effectively to members of the press.


Digital Marketing

While the rest of the world has been riding the digital transformation era, brands in the Philippines are just beginning to grasp the dynamism of digital marketing across various industries

One common mistake that brands make is staying in their comfort zone. As PR practitioners, we are agile in recognizing the need to evolve faster, and to keep rising above the noise.

Today, almost everyone, if not all, is on social media. Brands can easily reach out everyday to people, in the quickest way possible – with the hit of a ‘post’ or ‘send’ button.

What makes a social media campaign effective? How do you increase reach, grow number of followers, and eventually deliver business results such as increased patronage of products, services, and have greater brand equity over time?

We don’t just create visually interesting content. We do a thorough social media audit before planning and implementing a campaign for our partners. We need to know your customers’ sentiments and needs, and make sure that each post appeals and adds value to your fans, followers, and would-be fans and followers.

This way, we hit your business goals and those of your customers by helping them have what they need or enabling them to achieve their own goals.

Other than content development and social media campaigns, NGP IMC also specializes in community building and management. Through active and intentional engagement, we will turn your social media likers into brand advocates and loyalists.

Organic traffic is usually better in terms of getting qualified leads for a business. In order to get more organic traffic, search engine optimization is needed.

We provide SEO services that are tailor-fitted for each client to make sure that they get the best out of their long-term investment in the campaign. We provide thorough onpage optimizations and real linkbuilding. No spammy links and no blog comments. We make sure real SEO is delivered for your business.

“The last thing you want to do to new audience members is to turn them off with impersonal, invasive ads.” – Business Mirror, PR Matters 2019

This insight on ads reign true. Digital media has evolved the way we communicate so brands should be able to use this platform to not merely blast their message, but also, to engage followers.

We provide pay-per-click (PPC) management for Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and more.

A website is now a part of any business’s brand identity. Your website reflects your entire brand. We make sure that your website will be more than presentable for your clients and customers.

We use WordPress for the content management system (CMS) and handle hosting for you.

Storytelling in this digital era has definitely evolved as video production has been a current trend as one of the most effective content types in digital marketing. We do not only shoot and edit videos, but we carefully design and develop various video content that are latched on the brand’s key messaging and persona.

Tried and tested for 20+ Years

Issues Management &
Online Reputation Management

Today, Issues Management is no longer an option, it has become a necessity particularly in the age of digital communications.

Excellent leaders will never be caught flat-footed when it comes to protecting their company’s core assets. These leaders know that their reputations and careers are on the line when the company faces an issue because their core assets – namely, their people, stakeholders, brand, key relationships, and ability to operate, among other things — come under threat.

Companies once considered too big to fail have been brought down to their knees by one mistake, one disaster, one blog post, or one YouTube video.

This is where we come in. Help us put you in a position of strength so you won’t be at the mercy of these issues which can also spread like wildfire on social media.

Our issues management programs are based on continual assessment, planning, training on crisis communications, and review of the circumstances, stakeholders, and key assets involved. One component of an issues management program is the response plan, or emergency response plan. To be effective, our issue response plans are based on previously identified and well defined events.

We have a dedicated team that solely takes on specialized PR handling emergency, high-level or high impact adverse business situations, as well as online reputation management.

Tried and tested for 20+ Years

Blogger & Influencer Engagement

Blogger and influencer marketing is becoming more popular thanks to its effectivity and sustainability. We have strong relationships with some of today’s most in-demand bloggers and influencers ready to take on projects.



Shared Value is the latest management strategy in which companies find business opportunities in solving social issues.
Quite distinct from charity, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and the like, Shared Value embodies the truest dictum of doing business – take care of the welfare of your clientele and they will reward you in return. 
Shared Value is the testament to the age-old adage: “with whom will you do business when your clientele is dead?
1. Corporate Re-Purposing
2. Scanning the appropriate social issues
3. Crafting the appropriate business project
4. Partnership Development
5. Implementation of Shared Value
Tried and tested for 20+ Years

Stakeholder Relations

A strong relationship with stakeholders is crucial in leading meaningful conversations geared towards collective action for a cause or policy.

Our team has the experience and expertise in bridging you to different key influencers, from community leaders, special interest groups, investors, to government officials.

Your advocacy is our advocacy. We help drive collaborations and meaningful dialogues to contribute to acquiring cooperation among your stakeholders and fulfill objectives for social good.

Depending on your communication needs, we will conceptualize and implement advocacy programs invested towards genuine, long-term brand reputation to help you make a sustainable positive impact among target communities.



Events and activations give a first-hand experience of what your brand is all about. Through team ideations, we conceptualize events and online activations that match a campaign handle or a specified theme, as well as the key messages that encapsulate your branding. We implement them to help increase product patronage and following.

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