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How We Connect Your Stories

We understand that you have a unique brand personality, problems to address, and target demographics.

We at NGP have a process to get your brand the stand-out ePR it deserves: we digest the brand’s project brief, we hunker down and carefully strategize, we crank out the proposal, we live and breathe the plan and execution, we monitor every press release and media engagement, we report, then we do it all over again.

But we’ll let you in on a little secret: this process only works when we work at it with YOU.

We’re here to help YOU.

To help you identify what works for your brand and what doesn’t. To give you a pulse of where your audience is or who they might be after all. To keep you updated with real-time insights that benefit you moving forward. To uncover new and exciting opportunities. To support you in making sense of all the data. And to continue churning out positive stories that keep your brand relevant in these changing times.

Let’s work together to make it work all together.

Stand-out ePR. Your brand deserves it

How can we help you?


  • Strategic integrated communications plan.
  • Digital footprint expansion.
  • Print, broadcast, and online media execution & monitoring.
  • Press conferences, roundtables & panels, webinars, familiarization tours.
  • Mutually beneficial relationship-building between brand, media, and audience.
  • Media training.

Your brand deserves more than just positive stories and mentions. On top of that, it deserves a solid message that makes the most positive overall impact, from traditional media platforms to digital media platforms and beyond.

We’re here to help you with your PR communication. We’ve been doing it well for over 20 years.



The rest of the world is going digital, and PR is no exception. Philippine brands and companies need well-curated, dynamic ePR strategies that step out of the comfort zone but make a lasting impact to rise above the noise. We’re here to help you fulfill your ePR needs, from social campaigns, to microsites, to PPC campaigns and video production.
  • Social media audit
  • Campaign strategy & content creation
  • Community building & management
  • Strategic media buying
  • Social media monitoring, data interpretation, and reporting

At a time when everyone wants to be their own social media marketer, quality always stands out. 

How does one get quality social media presence for a brand? By doing a social media audit that seeks to understand the brand audience’s sentiments and needs so that you know how your brand can add value to them (and build a relationship of trust in the process). This is you hitting your goals, and you helping them hit theirs in the process. 

How does it help add value to your audience? With thumb-stopping, thought-provoking content that’s optimized to meet goals, strategized and re-strategized based on hard numbers and audience insights.

How do you get those insights? Through genuine community-building and professional community management.

And how do you get started turning brand likers into brand loyalists? Work with NGP for stand-out social media.

  • SEO audit
  • On-page optimization
  • Relevant link-building and backlinking
  • Strategizing, re-strategizing, and reporting

When a potential client finds your brand’s site, it wasn’t by accident. It was a well-curated network of links and keywords that helped put your brand in front of them. This is SEO.

NGP provides tailor-fit SEO services, starting with an SEO audit, to optimizing keywords and links for better reach, then backlinking to relevant, quality websites that we’ve been able to build healthy relationships with. No spam, ever.

Best of all, all the SEO stays consistent with your PR so the calls to action are always answered and your audience finds exactly what they were promised (because we’re your PR provider, too!)

  • Google Search (SEM)
  • Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Ads

Customers aren’t looking for ads. They’re looking for targeted, curated brand experiences.

So NGP marries both masterful storytelling and experience-crafting with carefully-strategized pays-per-click, so that your audience doesn’t just hear the message you’re blasting, but gets meaningful engagements as well. They win the experiences they long for, and you win your audience’s favor.

  • Website design
  • Mobile optimization
  • Content management systems
  • Web hosting

Every business needs a website to complete the brand identity. 

More importantly, brands need a website that complements and harmonizes the PR, SEO, ad, and event efforts so that all roads lead to that one ever-important landing page that could make the sale.

We’re rooting for your brand. Let’s create your website.

Everyone is looking towards video production as the more compelling, effective, emotion-provoking content type, and with good reason. There’s just something moving about content that’s moving. At NGP, we don’t just shoot and edit your videos — we carefully craft the story around your brand message and persona so that every scene’s a winner.

Taking two steps forward means taking a step back to see the bigger picture and review the goals. NGP helps you audit your brand so we can leverage on what works, and improve on what doesn’t, based on the numbers and the social pulse of your brand.

We love seeing witty, captivating, thumb-stopping content on every imaginable platform, but we love strategizing and helping you execute that kind of content even more.

We’ve mastered the art of press releases, both traditional and digital. We’ve even added ‘press releases’ in the forms of online roundtable discussions, webinars, press briefings, and more, all to help your brand stand out.

When your brand talks, people listen. Let relevant bloggers, social media influencers, vloggers, streamers, podcasters and other emerging creators in digital media be your voice. We make sure their audience and their values align with yours!

When we say integrated marketing communications, we mean integrated. Whether you need these as add-ons or as stand-alone services, NGP is ready to assist you with brand concept development, logo creation & design, cohesive social media posters, and even storyboards for those compelling AVPs. In this day and age, you’ll want to be ready to integrate everything.

  • Print seeding.
  • Exclusive articles.
  • Column feeds.
  • Broadcast features. 
  • Media engagements. 

Nothing wrong with a bit of vanilla. NGP cultivated its relationships for over two decades, so you can take advantage of the extensive network of media relations in the print and broadcast platforms.

  • Issue assessment.
  • Strategizing response plan.
  • Crisis communications training.
  • PR emergency response.
  • Online reputation management.
  • Crisis counsel.

Like we’ve said: having a PR crisis in this day and age where digital assets seem to last forever isn’t ideal. And when you’re a leader or the head of a company, you want to leave a positive legacy — one that your employees, your stakeholders, your audience, and your past, present, and future self will be proud of.

  • Mutually-beneficial relationship building.
  • Connections,collaborations, and cooperation.
  • Advocacy-boosting.
  • Long-term, impactful brand reputation and communication strategies.


A strong relationship with your stakeholders is crucial in leading meaningful conversations that spur advocacy toward action. Because your advocacy is our advocacy, we want to help drive those conversations too. We know that it’s for the greater good.


NGP can help conceptualize and implement advocacy programs invested towards genuine, long-term brand reputation so that you make a more sustainable, positive impact among the people and communities that matter the most to you.

Tried and tested for 20+ Years

Traditional pr

Tried, tested, and true. Although it feels like the Philippines is slowly transitioning from traditional to digital, we’re leaving no stone unturned when it comes to putting your brand out there. Your well-curated, dynamic PR strategy can still make a lasting impact to rise above the noise on platforms that have served the industry well. What’s more, NGP has built over 20 years of relationships with the people who run these platforms. Trust us — we know what we’re saying when we say traditional isn’t dead.



Shared Value is the latest management strategy in which companies find business opportunities in solving social issues.
Quite distinct from charity, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and the like, Shared Value embodies the truest dictum of doing business – take care of the welfare of your clientele and they will reward you in return. 
Shared Value is the testament to the age-old adage: “with whom will you do business when your clientele is dead?
1. Corporate Re-Purposing
2. Scanning the appropriate social issues
3. Crafting the appropriate business project
4. Partnership Development
5. Implementation of Shared Value


Events and activations give a first-hand experience of what your brand is all about. Through team ideations, we conceptualize events and online activations that match a campaign handle or a specified theme, as well as the key messages that encapsulate your branding. We implement them to help increase product patronage and following.

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