We harness the power of data, storytelling, and out-of-the box concepts, so you can achieve lasting brand presence and meet business goals.


How we tell, share, and connect your stories.

In this industry, we come across many innovations that will give brands and companies an edge. Harness the power of data, storytelling, and out-of-the-box concepts, and you can achieve lasting brand presence and meet business goals. However, if the purpose is unclear, we risk losing ourselves amidst the noise and clutter.

This is why, at the advent of technological advancement in the digital era, NGP-IMC has kept our core. This is the NGP Way:

Tailor-fit Communications
Impactful & Measurable
Integration at its core

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

At its core, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is a complex marketing strategy that aims to connect messages together for a more unified approach. It involves utilizing and synergizing all of the available media touchpoints and promotional tools, whether it is traditional or digital.

One of the obvious advantages of using IMC for your business or brand is that you will be able to target a broader audience with a longer-lasting message. With the synergy of both traditional and digital tools, you can be sure that there is coherence with your brand’s story and message. That’s success in connecting your story.

We are pleased to deliver successful results for clients.


Industry: Pharma
Services: PR Retainer (Traditional & Digital), Social Media Management, Video Production, Broadcast Engagements, Virtual Events/Webinars, Ads Strategies, Influencer Engagements, Website Development, SEO, and more!

The Challenge: 2 out of 5 Filipinos have been touched by cancer. Cancer patients see cancer as a death sentence – a heavy financial burden, a thief to the quality of life, and a harrowing journey with no end in sight except the inevitable.

The Goal: To spark HOPE from within. To let Filipino cancer patients know that there are innovative treatment options and access to cancer care programs available to them. Cancer is not a death sentence if we help cancer patints and carers navigate their cancer journey.

The Results:
To Business:

2018 – 45% increase in sales
2022 – MSD Onco Philippines is the <star> #1 MSD Business Unit among their counterparts globally
2021- 2022 – 65M Filipinos reached in Facebook, 245,000 total website sessions 

To the lives of many Filipinos:
2018 – 60% increase in Filipinos asking for cancer testing and treatment options (on-ground)
2019 – Contributed to the passing of landmark laws like the National Integrated Cancer Control Act

Industry: Consumer
Services: Advocacy PR, Event Activations, PR Retainer (Traditional & Digital), Broadcast Engagements, Stakeholder Engagements and more!

The Challenge: ARC challenged NGP to produce more compelling, relatable, and purpose-driven content that will appeal and better connect to its target audiences.

The Goal: Develop a program for the advocacy arm of the company and create initiatives that will generate positive brand image and lasting impact for the Filipino youth.

The Result: ARC Young Leaders Camp was established in 2011 to provide a platform for students belonging in public colleges to develop their leadership through a 3-day seminar. It features topnotch speakers such as Karen Davila, Maria Ressa, Efren Peñaflorida, and Isko Moreno. The camp featured activities that draw out innate skills and talent of the youth campers.

The program brought together almost 250 campers during its 6-year run. This generated a total of 50M PR value.

Industry: Pharma
Services: PR Retainer (Traditional & Digital), Media Coverage, PR Stunt

The Challenge: Novo Nordisk aims to communicate and address the unmet needs of people living with obesity and diabetes in the Philippines.

The Goal: Execute a publicity plan for the World Diabetes Day event to capture their Guinness World record attempt that will ultimately contribute to their brand recall and visibility in the Philippines.

The Result: The event garnered a total of PHP20M worth of earned media mileage including front-page newspaper stories generated from credible media journalists who attended the event. The campaign also reached 18M readers from the 20 PR pick-ups that came out from the event.

Industry: Consumer
Services: Social Media Management, Website Development, Branding Design & KV Development, Ads Strategies

The Challenge: Kerrimo is a local-favorite snack of many young Batangueños which is where the majority of their franchises are based. In 2019, this small local brand ventured into an expansion where they aim to reach a wider range of franchises in various provinces in the Philippines and as well as in Metro Manila. However, they struggled to gain wider reach and quality engagements in their social media pages.

The Goal: Based on NGP’s research and social listening, we have seen that majority of Kerrimo’s brand recall are based on their products being nostalgic. We harnessed this insight in creating our communication strategies.

The Results: Our social listening really deemed fruitful as we gathered the most engagement from fun memes, and nostalgic themes. We are able to receive over 8M impressions and 70K engagements within 6 months.

The amount of franchising inquiries received in their Facebook pages also increased significantly.

Industry: e-Education
Services: PR Retainer (Traditional & Digital), Media Coverage, Press Conference

The Challenge: ESL teaching has been one of the largest growing industries in the Philippines that provided jobs for many work-from-home Filipinos. As jobs start to dwindle in the height of the pandemic, 51Talk has been one of the key players in the e-education industry and they needed to amplify their marketing efforts to be able to encourage more Filipinos to consider a career in ESL teaching.

The Goal: Launch Maine Mendoza as the newest Brand Ambassador as 51TALK also celebrates their 10th year in the country.

The Result: The agency invited and engaged 20 journalists from top tier media publications and bloggers (lifestyle, education, entertainment, technology, and business)

With this engagement we are able to garner about 4M PR Value; 18x higher than amount invested (ROI)

Industry: Pharma
Services: PR Retainer (Traditional & Digital), Webinars/Live Streaming and more!

The Challenge: Raise awareness on the burden of pediatric psoriasis, the impact of the condition to the quality of life of patients – child/teens and availability of treatment options

The Goal: Activate parents/ guardians to consider new treatment options for pediatric psoriasis through a compelling and informative webinar hosted in the “Ask Your Derm” Facebook page.

The Result: The Pedia Psoriasis event generated the highest peak live viewership compared to previous live events in the AYD page. (299 Organic Reach, 72 Peak Viewers, 119 Live Engagements)

A lot of our live viewers “loved” the event; some of them are actively participating by sharing their questions, experiences, and other positive feedback about the topic & the overall program.

Industry: Logistics
Services: Content Marketing, Ads Strategies, PR Stories

The Challenge: During the pandemic, SMEs struggled to stay open as they face greater limitations in their supply chain logistics. DHL sees this as a major threat as they recognize SMEs to be the backbone of the economy.

The Goal: We are tasked to create a campaign that will empower Filipino SMEs to get their business on track despite the pandemic and even gain presence in the world stage. All this is possible with a reliable logistics partner like DHL.

The Result:
In 2021, with the launch of our #SMEmpowered campaign, we empowered over 1,400 SME owners to sign up for MyDHL. Out of all those prospects, the client booked at least 12 actual shipments.

Those prospects were gathered from various platforms but the majority came from our Google Ads efforts which contributed an 11% conversion rate (sign ups).

The campaign is also supplemented with PR stories featuring Filipino SMEs like Zarah Juan and Spinkie which garnered a total of 18 pick-ups and about 3.53M PR Value.

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