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Corporate Public Relations Best Practices

Keeping a positive company image can be a bumpy ride for some corporations, while others weather the competition and disruption without a hitch. Some strategies work for certain businesses that won’t…

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Shared Value and Corporate Public Relations

Climate change. Natural and man-made disasters. Political unrest. A global pandemic. Yet despite all that, humanity still exists. We plan, work, and hope. In this day and age, despite everything, we’ve…

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Why is Advocacy the Future of Public Relations?

I have a very unlikely example for advocacy in Public Relations.  It is mind boggling to me how this brand has rocked the world with, of all things, KINDNESS.   You would…

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Public Relations in the Age of Participation

You’ve heard of the age of likes and shares, the age of memes, the age of selfies, and more.  Now, welcome to the age of participation. In the age of participation,…

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SEO and Digital PR: How Do They Work Together?

Businesses are continuously evolving, and so are the strategies used for promoting their products and services.  Back then, television exposure and magazine pick-ups meant your brand made it. Today, digital marketing,…

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Digital PR in the New Normal

Innovation is one of the keys that helps businesses in different industries thrive. With the world becoming more and more fast-paced thanks to digitization, brands are working double-time and staying more…

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How To Use Integrated Marketing Communications Agencies To Stand Out

Most brands today just push for advertising and marketing gimmicks to promote their brand not knowing that they are missing a crucial component: connecting with their customers. This is where integrated…

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What Are You Made Of?

Many people think marketing is a skill or knowledge held by a select few. The truth is, marketing is core to each and every human being—it is expressed in everything that…

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Rules of Attraction: How to Get the Beloved ‘Yes’

An agency pitching for a project or a new client is no different from the human ritual of courtship. Success is signified once you get that elusive “Yes!” to your proposal…

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Your Business is Our Business

Communications is serious business. It entails bringing across messages over different platforms and toward numerous stakeholders. A lot could go wrong. The message might not have captured the intention accurately. The…

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All About Connecting Your Story

Your brand has a trademark character. Communicating what your brand is all about takes getting into the heart of your story, before releasing information at the right time, using the right…

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