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Our History in Public Relations in the Philippines

For 25 years, NGP-IMC has been the digital PR firm in the Philippines that led personalized and effective strategies for clients. With our portfolio, you will find satisfying outcomes for a diverse range of clients in various industries. We have since transitioned from sole publicity work to full-on integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaigns.

We continue to nurture a culture of connectedness within our team as we expand our expertise throughout the Philippines. Our experience has led us to collaborate with the top corporations in the country to small businesses and start-ups.

We’re here to introduce you to the world of PR. Are you ready? Let’s get started.


The craft of maintaining a positive public image.

For 25 years, NGP-IMC has been the digital PR firm in the Philippines that led personalized and effective strategies for clients. With our portfolio, you will find satisfying outcomes for a diverse range of clients in various industries. We have since transitioned from sole publicity work to full-on integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaigns.

In a way, PR becomes the bridge for mutual benefits to prosper for all parties involved.


The world has gone digital, and public relations has kept up with it. In digital PR, the main focus is online presence and building positive press through the Internet. Examples of digital PR include blogs, guest posts, link building, and influencer marketing. A digital PR strategy is built around what makes a company shine online — and how new audiences can be introduced to the brand.

We go back to the roots of public relations with traditional PR. Here, we deal with the tried-and-tested platforms: television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and flyers. Traditional PR’s goal is the same as digital PR: to engage new audiences and introduce the company with positive press.

Advocacy PR utilizes both digital and traditional public relations’ strategies and methods. However, the focus is centered on what value the company brings to the audience. Through advocacy PR, we market positive change through the products and services sold by the company, or what the brand stands for by itself. The audience, then, identifies with said causes, allowing the brand to instill recall, sincerity, and significance.

Corporate PR is all about maintaining a positive corporate brand. It communicates the company’s purposes, participates in crisis management when needed, and handles communications between employees, customers, stakeholders, media outlets, and the general public.

A (corporate) crisis can be life-altering for organizations and can have devastating effects if not managed well. Crisis PR is meant to avert those devastating effects by ensuring proper situation management and communication to those concerned.

“There are no perfect organizations just as there are no perfect individuals. Everyone commits mistakes. Every crisis presents an opportunity, even for complete change… What is required is a mindset that is not only prepared for it but willing to embrace it, because only after accepting that you are indeed in crisis, only after going through the hump of denial, and only after staring crisis in the eye can you muster the courage and the thinking required to contain it.” – Gina Dela Vega-Cruz, Crisis Management Consultant of NGP-IMC

What About Public Relations in the Philippines?


How the Media Landscape Changed During the Pandemic


The Importance of Public Relations


The Roles of Public Relations


Public relations can be found virtually anywhere in the field of communications. It’s practically embedded into every strategy. For example, public relations is highly integrated into marketing. 

Marketing, in contrast to public relations, focuses on selling a specific product. Public relations can help in this process. As the focus of PR is maintaining a positive image for the brand, communication strategies that highlight strengths and unique selling points can be utilized. PR and marketing collaborate in weaving the story told through different advertisements.

  • Earns media presence. Unlike advertising, public relations earns media presence instead of paying for it. Credibility is built through an independent third party. 
  • Highlights brand significance. Public relations builds consumer loyalty through highlighting the value and importance of a brand. 
  • Generates leads. PR influences your target audience, creates promotional funnels, and converts people into consumers.

Public relations and advertising both use communication strategies to achieve their goals, but they’re still distinct from one another. 

Advertising primarily makes use of paid media to garner attention for a brand’s product or services. The purpose of advertising is set on having the intent to buy. 

Public relations earns their media presence. Instead of being focused on sales, PR aims to build a positive image for a brand, as well as a mutually beneficial relationship with the public.

The world of public relations can easily become complicated. This is where PR agencies come in. 

Take us — NGP-IMC. Our role in public relations is to become that bridge between you and the benefits that public relations offers. The PR agency analyzes data, anticipates trends, counsels clients, and implements executions to make earned media and a positive brand image possible. 

NGP-IMC is a public relations agency in the Philippines with 25 years of experience. In those years, we have polished and refined our services:

  • Digital PR. From search engine optimization to content strategy, we’re here to provide stand-out digital marketing. 
  • Traditional PR.  We leave no stone unturned. We have decades of built relationships in traditional media, and we can make you rise above other brands through print and broadcast publicity. 
  • Media Relations. In over 25 years, NGP has forged lasting relationships with various media outfits in the country. Even as new media outfits in the digital age emerge, this fundamental ability of NGP to build purposeful relationships is rooted in its core.
  • Events. We can increase product patronage through tried-and-tested conceptualized themes, events, and online campaigns. 

And we don’t stop there. Our entire roster of services spans every brand need that’s met with an integrated approach in mind. With NGP, we develop strategic PR frameworks, press releases, and concepts customized to help meet your brand goals – just send us the brief, and we’ll do the rest.

Personalized, purposeful, and effective integrated marketing campaigns for your brand to achieve the utmost success.


We are pleased to deliver successful results for clients.

If you want PR stories to be integrated into most, if not, all your brand’s media efforts, IMC is a must.

IMC stands for Integrated Marketing Communications, which unifies various elements and principles from marketing, advertising, public relations, and business development to create an effective communications strategy.

Here at NGP, we work with IMC techniques together with our digital PR skills.


Ask – The client wants to drum up awareness on TDCX’s #BeHappier campaign through informative and humanized stories that will better connect with the target audiences and tapping other relevant media channels.


  • Articles are seeded to top online news sites and relevant blogs.
  • Total PR Value after the campaign is Php 6,000,000, which is 5x higher than the amount invested.
  • Achieved at least 1 backlink (to the TDCX website) from high quality sites per article.

Ask – Highlight the importance of complete and on-time vaccination to protect expectant parents and their children from vaccine-preventable diseases with the help of a mommy influencer (Mommy Nins Po).

Results – PR releases with about Php828,000 PR Value. Around 2,000 social media organic engagements and over 4,000 views for her vlog which is her current average views in YouTube.


Ask – Be able to share a decade of milestones of the company and launch Maine Mendoza as the 51Talk 2021 brand ambassador to the press media and the public.

Results – Pick-ups (articles) with about Php 4,000,000 PR value; 18x higher than amount invested (ROI).


Ask – The client aims to be one of the first real estate services agency to release the real estate outlook in 2021 to the public. The agency organized a virtual press conference inviting various media outfits.

Results – Bylined articles with about Php 6,000,000 PR Value; 30x higher than the amount invested


And that’s a wrap for public relations 101! Still interested in knowing more?