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Most brands today just push for advertising and marketing gimmicks to promote their brand not knowing that they are missing a crucial component: connecting with their customers. This is where integrated…

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What Are You Made Of?

Many people think marketing is a skill or knowledge held by a select few. The truth is, marketing is core to each and every human being—it is expressed in everything that…

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Rules of Attraction: How to Get the Beloved 'Yes'

An agency pitching for a project or a new client is no different from the human ritual of courtship. Success is signified once you get that elusive “Yes!” to your proposal…

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Your Business is Our Business

Communications is serious business. It entails bringing across messages over different platforms and toward numerous stakeholders. A lot could go wrong. The message might not have captured the intention accurately. The…

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Your brand has a trademark character. Communicating what your brand is all about takes getting into the heart of your story, before releasing information at the right time, using the right…

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