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Personalized, Purposeful, and Effective IMC.

NGP-IMC helps you find the stories that matter, through thoughtful processes personalized to fit your brand’s Biggest Why.

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We tell these stories in purposeful ways that resonate with your target markets – their behaviors, their preferences, their attitudes.


We then share your stories on the most relevant platforms, from niche publications to mainstream executions.


And when we make this effective connection – when we connect your story – we create a positive impact in the lives of Filipinos.

For 25 years, NGP has dedicated itself to the craft of public relations.

As the industry changed, NGP also embodied the discipline of Integrated Marketing Communications.

And while the expertise and service roster remains vast, varied, and ever-evolving, one ingredient for creatively-thought-out and innovatively-executed integrated marketing campaigns has stayed the same – collaborative storytelling.

We do this by working closely with our clients to help personalize their brand messages and send them to the right audiences.

This has always been our passion – to tell, share, and connect your story.

An Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) approach allows brands to think outside the box.

Here at NGP, holistic public relations and integrated marketing communications meet.

Public relations now encompass more in the digital age. On top of traditional media (print, TV, and radio), digital marketing, influencer and content creator engagement, brand partnerships, affiliations, and on-ground activations matter to your PR, too.

Work with NGP and unlock brand stories with our Tell-Share-Connect framework. Amplify your story by tapping into our vast, established network of media and digital influencers for PR seeding, partnerships, brand building, influencer and content creator engagement,  and more.

Create seamless links between your public relations strategies, on-ground activations, and digital marketing campaigns with our end-to-end IMC services — from concept to execution of media engagements, trade engagements, product launches, corporate events, road shows, exhibitions, conferences, and more.

Your opportunities to Tell, Share, and Connect with your audience are endless. Let NGP be your partner of choice to discover it all.

Core Competencies

NGP-IMC does IMC well. It’s in our name. It’s in our DNA.


Traditional Public Relations

Although it feels like the Philippines is slowly transitioning from traditional to digital, we’re leaving no stone unturned when it comes to putting your brand out there.

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Digital PR (ePR)

This helps build online brand credibility and reputation by increasing your digital footprint. Digital PR done right will impact your SEO, your community, and your long-term brand presence.

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Digital Marketing

We’re here to help you fulfill your full-suite digital marketing campaigns, from social campaigns, to microsites, to PPC campaigns, video production, to advocacy marketing and more.

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Public Relations Services

We help you Tell, Share, and Connect your stories through carefully crafted messaging, strategies, then collaborating with you to create unique and relevant story angles, and finally putting all those ideas on paper. These articles will then be seeded to top tier publications thanks to the solid media relationship that NGP has built for over 25 years.

TV & radio are still going strong. For your brand awareness and advocacy campaigns, we don’t just pick out any old radio show and leave you to your own devices. We collaborate with you to find the best program fit for your audience and campaign. Briefer development and engagement monitoring are part of the scope, too!

This end-to-end engagement with a vast Philippine media network is truly what NGP does best. Want a big media gathering to cover a launch? We’ve got you. Do you prefer a more intimate discussion within relevant media niches for your deep-dive? We can make it happen. How? Well, we’ve done a quarter of a century of relationship building so your brand can tap into it as soon as you work with us.

Boost your credibility with recognized journalists and editors and make that thought-leadership piece truly connect with your target audience.

There’s nothing like learning your brand first-hand. We organize media familiarization tours of all sizes so that the media can get to experience your brand more intimately, and convey your message more accurately.

Our friends in the media and the content creation sphere love trying your products out and writing about them for more people to learn about & experience. We make PR kit seeding as seamless as your favorite reel loop.

Build brand allies and partners throughout different industries with a stakeholder outreach and engagement strategy that’s backed by more than two decades of experience. Connect your organization not just B2B to other businesses that share your values, but B2C to the people who can truly benefit from the impact your partnerships stand to make.

Telling, sharing, and connecting your stories shouldn’t start and stop with your CEO or the marketing team. Train your key officers – from C-suites and beyond – to embody your brand’s message with a holistic media workshop tailored to your organization, so they can face the press prepared at all times.

You know the WHAT’s of media relationship building, but not the WHY’s and HOW’s, so you might be caught unprepared if a crisis hits your organization. We’ll help you fill in those blanks. We’ll help you prepare a strategy to anticipate any kind of crisis, turn it into an opportunity, craft responses to put out fires, and manage it well to minimize its impact on your brand.

Your company’s events shouldn’t be one-offs. They deserve to be impactful activations that leave long-standing value for your audience. We can help you craft your narrative & messaging delivered through event and program scripts, keynote speeches, AVP storyboards, and more.

Digital Marketing Services

Build an authentic community through the best social media channels over a strategic timeline. The result? A network where you can authentically tell, share, connect — and grow!

Content is king, consistency is queen, and content developers are your aces. We help you develop relevant optimized content from one-time observances to year-long content plans.

Not on TikTok yet? We’ll help you get started with end-to-end content development & roll-out strategies designed to leave a lasting impact to every For You Page you appear on.

Long-form content in the form of blogs isn’t dead. In fact, it’s a must-have for your website — one that you can maximize and optimize with the help of a digital PR agency with an adept pool of writers (hint: that’s us!)

Reach a wider audience with increasingly popular digital formats such as webinars and podcasts. They’re the most versatile content of the bunch: a diverse range of topics with incredible content repurposing flexibility — from social media posts, voice snippets, SEO blog spinoffs, infographics, other mini-webinars, PR article references, and more.

Your seeded digital PR releases are reliable and noteworthy. Now, let Google and other search engines recognize and validate that with rich, relevant backlinks and strategic SEO.

Get in front of your target audience faster, refine media buying strategies more accurately, and integrate all your ads across all platforms!

In the ever-evolving and fickle age of social media, standalone brand websites endure. If you don’t have one yet, or you’re trying to figure out how you can best optimize and maximize your exisitng site, we also offer website development, audits, and maintenance!

Enhancing your brand digital footprint through influencers that align with your goals

Trusted Clients

We've been trusted by many clients through the years.

“A job well done is really about making a positive difference beyond the confines of the office. Because this, I believe: when we practice Public Relations at its best, we touch lives profoundly.”

Nancy G. Pascual

NGP-IMC, President and CEO

A purposeful ‘why’ is core to NGP’s success these past 25 years.

Nancy G. Pascual challenged herself to build a PR agency from the ground up within a then-male dominated industry. It was the strong desire to help tell the stories of people and brands close to her heart that pushed her forward. She had a connection with them, and believed that that connection could extend to their consumers in only the best ways.

And even through the evolution of the industry, NGP-IMC continues to conquer. This is thanks to the dynamic leadership, teamwork, and collaboration of the women who make up the majority of NGP’s workforce.

We believe that as PR practitioners, we ALL have a responsibility to influence positive public opinion and attitude. One of the best ways to do that, and to spur positive action, is through advocacies that are near and dear to the heart.

NGP’s CSR projects over the years.

NGP-IMC is committed to giving new hope to underprivileged Filipinos. We do this through social programs that we personally organize, in partnership with non-government organizations, and for the benefit of our target communities.

Start connecting today and grow your brand the right way.