A Case for Brighter, More Beautiful Days Ahead: Bright Beauty’s SKJN Hits Watsons Stores

The beauty and lifestyle industry continues to make waves, advertising all forms of products from topicals to tablets – all to make their buying public stand out by looking and feeling their best.

In this case study, we’ll learn how an effective public relations and integrated marketing campaign can help beauty and lifestyle brands stand out.

What It’s About

Bright Beauty Inc. is a beauty and lifestyle company aiming to make wellness products that benefit consumers both inside and out more accessible to the public.

Their flagship brand, SKJN, brings their best-selling SKU, their Collagen Microtablets, to a wider audience by placing their products in around 200 major Watsons stores nationwide. Watsons is a leading health, wellness, and beauty retailer with over 1,000 stores (as of 2023) in the Philippines. Watson Philippines is part of the AS Watson Group, which is the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer operating over 16,500 stores under 12 retail brands in 28 markets worldwide.

The micro tablets’ in-store availability was officially announced during the Watsons Health and Wellness Expo 2024, deemed the country’s largest health and wellness expo. 

Why It Matters

With the digital era continually putting forward beauty and lifestyle content, more and more people are exposed to ways of improving and enhancing their own beauty and wellness. Bright Beauty aims to make effective and safe wellness products more accessible to more people.

With its wider availability, the company also aims to raise awareness around the real benefits of collagen that span more than just the aesthetic aspect. SKJN’s collagen, exclusively manufactured in Japan, promotes anti-aging, healthier hair and nails, glowing skin, healthy bones and joints, better digestion, and a boosted immune system overall.

At the Watsons Expo, beauty queen Billie Hakenson and actress Kristine Hermosa-Sotto talked about SKJN Collagen. Here, they talked about one of the main highlights of the product: the tablets’ size. Small but potent, SKJN’s micro tablets are easy to drink, making it easier to stay consistent with the dosage.

SKJN’s availability within Watsons stores both online and offline also boosts its credibility.

SKJN’s Product Launch Campaign Execution and Success

The launch had the following objectives:

  • Bright Beauty wanted to raise awareness around its flagship product, SKJN Collagen Tablets, among potential customers nationwide – particularly wherever Watsons stores are present. More than that, they also wanted to raise awareness around the benefits of collagen to one’s wellness, more than just the external, aesthetic benefits.
  • Bright Beauty also wants to strengthen its presence in the local beauty and wellness market by leveraging Watsons’ extensive retail network, even claiming a spot on the Health and Wellness Expo stage to talk about their SKUs. 
  • Ultimately, with the increased awareness and enhanced market presence, Bright Beauty also aimed to drive sales of their Collagen Microtablets.

Campaign Execution and Success

NGP-IMC covered the product launch during the event and utilized a blend of traditional and digital media to create buzz.

The campaign achieved significant media coverage across various traditional media platforms, meeting the goal of increasing brand and product awareness and enhancing the product’s visibility and market presence. The coverage garnered over PHP2 million in PR values, featuring pick-ups from top-tier publications.

Just a few of the PR pick-ups include lifestyle columns of major broadsheets:

Apart from these pick-ups, NGP was also able to secure non-paid, branded features, and amplified content further on relevant blogs and niche online sites.

Key Insights

  1. Amplify your product launches through strategic media engagements. Leveraging strategic media engagement through well-crafted press releases can significantly amplify any product launch, ensuring widespread and consistent coverage across traditional media outlets.
  1. Integrated campaigns win. Utilizing an integrated approach that combines traditional media and digital platforms creates a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy that maximizes product visibility and consumer engagement, meeting your brand or product’s goals of raising awareness and enhancing brand presence.

Work with NGP

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Harmony Adiao-Carrillo
Harmony Adiao-Carrillo is the editorial lead of NGP-IMC.