Shell Eco Marathon

Shell Philippines

NGP-IMC has worked with Shell Philippines for almost 20 years, providing trusted PR support for important milestones like its 100-year anniversary, and for campaign advocacies like the Shell National Student Art Competition, Shell National Youth Active Chess Competition, Shell Foundation, Shell Eco Marathon, Liter of Light, Bright Ideas Challenge, and more.

The Situation: The Shell Eco-marathon, one of the world’s leading student engineering competitions, needed publicity support to further encourage Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) students from the country to take part and get a chance to design, build, and operate some of the world’s most energy-efficient vehicles.  The campaign needed to successfully motivate students to churn out bright ideas to help shape a lower carbon future for all.

The Approach: Tri-media publicity was utilized for SEM Asia 2014; a public run and university launch at UST, publicized on print, TV, and online platforms were done for SEM Asia 2015. The Powering Progress Together (PPT) side-campaign was also launched which encouraged industry movers and shakers to partner during the 2-day conference. 

The Results: SEM Asia generated PHP100 million worth PR values for print & broadcast. The event was attended by more than 20 journalists from print, TV, and online. 


  • Shell National Students Art Competition (NSAC) — PHP30M worth of PR values + 900 press clippings, providing publicity and media coverage for 10 years. A media familiarization tour was also hosted at the Ben Cab museum in 2012 with various journalists.
  • Shell Active Chess SNYACC — 5,600 press clippings + PHP60M worth of PR values by boosting awareness for the competition via on-side media coverage in different locations, and helping more youths aspire to become the next grandmaster.
  • Shell Corporate — PHP200M worth of PR values generated between 2014-2015 alone; news features in TV Patrol, ANC, and Business Nightly generated over PHP20M worth of PR values.
  • Shell Centennial — The 100-year celebration involved a PR campaign that generated PHP14.7M worth of PR values in print and online media + PHP137.2M worth of PR values in broadcast media
  • Shell Asia Talent Cup Qatar — PHP2M worth of PR values from a media familiarization tour for select reporters to highlight the value of Shell’s tie-up with Ducati.
  • Shell Helix — PHP2.5M worth of PR values at a media launch for Shell Helix PurePlus featuring Ducati rider Andrea Iannone. 
  • Shell Advance — PHP2.4M worth of PR values in print, broadcast, and online media for Shell Advance Scooter Oil’s launch via press conference in 2016. Additionally, a Shell Digital Forum or online community was built for scooter riders to support the launch of Shell Advance PurePlus & Scooter Oils.
  • Shell Technology Forum — PHP1M worth of PR values for print and online platforms for media coverage and sustaining publicity for the Shell Tech Forum.
  • Shell Aviation — Half a million worth of PR values for the conceptualization, staging, and implementation of Shell Aviation’s 55th anniversary in the Philippines.
  • Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc (PSFI) — PHP2M worth of PR values in collaboration with PSFI to create awareness for its Movement Against Malaria campaign, launched  through a media event that made the front page on the Philippine Daily Inquirer, plus full page feature write-ups  in other major dailies.