Hope From Within (MSD in the Philippines)

The Situation: 

Cancer affects Filipinos by the hundred-thousands year on year, and continues to place an immense burden on patients, families, and even the economy and the national healthcare system. To address gaps in local cancer care, a support system was needed to engender hope and improve patient outcomes by keeping the hope from within patients, caregivers, and advocates alive.

The Approach:

Hope From Within was spearheaded by healthcare company MSD in the Philippines to redefine cancer care for Filipino patients and caregivers. The campaign aimed to build awareness and education around the importance of prevention and early detection, and the importance of gaining access to innovative cancer treatment options to increase the chance of survival and improve quality of life among cancer patients. 

The integrated marketing communications approach was three-fold: to educate, to empower and to advocate. 

The executions included:

  • Multi-sectoral online media forums focused on patient-centered topics.
  • An influencer engagement program via blogs, news sites, and videos, where ambassadors and influencers shared inspiring and hopeful messages gleaned from their own experiences with cancer.
  • Improved digital assets like Facebook and Twitter, plus a microsite, to intensify awareness efforts.
  • In-clinic collaterals with hopeful and actionable messages, conceptualized and designed to be the on-ground reinforcement to help patients navigate their cancer journey.
  • The Cancer Game Plan Report, showing a health impact projection model that shows the potential benefits of innovative cancer treatment options to the country.

The Results: 
Hope From Within has so far reached a total of 27M people on Facebook, 5M people on Twitter, with 36,218 website sessions. The campaign has earned around PHP51M in traditional PR media values with a reach of 128M people. Media partnerships have also garnered the campaign a total of 60,000 video views.

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