MSD “Bakuna Muna” (Vaccination First)

The Situation: 

With the decline of vaccination coverage and vaccine confidence in past years, a campaign was needed to re-double the efforts to inform and make people aware of the importance of vaccination — it saves lives and prevents the spread of disease throughout the country!

The Approach: 

A multi-stakeholder advocacy campaign called “Bakuna Muna” was launched, headed by MSD in the Philippines. The campaign aimed to inform the public, particularly on a grassroots level, of the benefits of immunization vs vaccine-preventable diseases.

Two vaccination sub-campaigns — “Sa Aking Paglaki, Walang HPV” and “Bakunado si Lolo at Lola, Iwas Pulmonya” — targeted even more specific markets (young adolescents and senior citizens, respectively).

The executions:

  • Sustaining press releases
  • Online media forums to adhere to specific target markets and emphasize the importance of immunization
  • Broadcast features stressing the importance of immunization by engaging relevant stakeholders and KOLs

The Results: 
Bakuna Muna generated 37 publicity pick-ups, garnering over PHP18M worth of PR value across print and online publications, and reaching over 14M readers from news sites and health & lifestyle blogs