Novo Nordisk PH: Act as Juan: Prevent and Control Diabetes

The Situation: 

3,721,900 Filipinos were diagnosed with diabetes in 2017. This pandemic-like lifestyle disease leads to several complications like blindness, amputation, heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure. The goal is to help prevent and control this condition.

The Approach: 

Global healthcare company Novo Nordisk aims to build awareness and education to properly prevent and control diabetes. To celebrate World Diabetes Day, an event was held to gather advocates, government stakeholders, and medical societies, themed “Act as Juan”.

The event partners:

  • The Quezon City LGU
  • Lion Clubs of the Philippines
  • Various medical societies

The event garnered a Guinness world record after 3,347 people simultaneously opened blue umbrellas while in a circular formation to signify the Blue Circle — the universal symbol for the global community uniting in the fight against diabetes.

The Result: 

The event garnered a total of PHP20M worth of earned media mileage with front-page stories generated from credible media journalists who attended the event. The campaign also reached 18M readers from the 20 PR pick-ups that came out from the event.