The 2023 Year-End Round-Up: NGP-IMC’s Favorite PR Moments

2023 has been nothing short of eventful for the NGP team.

On top of keeping busy with brands partnering with us to strengthen their PR strategies, other brands sought guidance after discovering the importance of investing in it for the first time. The resurgence of on-ground events have also been keeping us on our toes (as we shared in our IMC trends for 2024).

Through all the challenges, opportunities, and wins, we’re just thankful that we get to do jobs we love with the passion they deserve. And that’s our promise for delivering personalized, purposeful, and effective PR and IMC in 2024 and beyond!

Here’s a list of our favorites: all the ways we were able to Tell, Share, and Connect Your Story this year. 

  1. The Robinsons Appliances TikTok campaign

If you’re still asking yourself why TikTok matters for brands, consider looking towards Robinsons Appliances’ TikTok page for answers. 

Thanks to personalized, purposeful, and effective storytelling carried out through short-form video formats, Robinsons Appliances became more than just a place to buy your next air conditioning unit. The brand has become synonymous to markers for big life milestones for young millennials and the Gen Z. With that narrative effectively communicated, the brand saw over 30K followers and nearly 100K likes, plus up to 1.5M plays on their TikToks!

The NGP Digital team had a blast with this project, too. They went all around the metro meeting, shooting for, and dancing with the stellar employees of different Robinsons Appliances branches. Spot them on your next TikTok scroll!

  1. The Ming Sing Philippines launch

Legacy self-care brand Ming Sing was of the NGP team’s favorite launches in 2023 for a few good reasons:

  • It was our first full-scale, end-to-end IMC execution of 2023 – which meant we handled everything from brand narrative and messaging, and translated all of that into visuals, event flows, PR kits, and even the press releases and digital assets. It was truly an integration of NGP’s full suite of expertise.
  • The brand’s message resonated with our team, too. As a team of women, we believed in Ming Sing’s message through and through. She can do it all!
  • We got to work with some of the industry’s most influential creators, from Ayn Bernos to Kookoo Macasaet, to Mayora Frances and Ea Torrado. Bringing all of these powerhouses in one room was one for the NGP books.
  • We also got to try some amazing products we knew Filipino women would be genuinely excited about (because we were, too!) Multi-use agua de Florida and a moisturizing scented candle? Our minds were blown!
  • We were able to help Ming Sing pave the way for redefining women empowerment in the Philippines. After we helped launch the unique self-care product line-up and create the beginnings of a digital footprint for the brand, Ming Sing has since expanded its reach to empower more and more Filipino women. This is just the beginning.

And most of all, Ming Sing really mapped the self-care PR blueprint out for us. We’re taking better care of ourselves because of it.

  1. The SolidariTEAL campaign

Another execution we loved was the campaign that stood for the 11 Filipino women that die of cervical cancer daily. As a cause close to our hearts, the NGP team poured all-out efforts into SolidariTEAL.

A portmanteau of “solidarity” and “teal”, the official color of cervical cancer, #SolidariTeal was aimed at empowering women and rallying stakeholders to provide Filipino women with better access to cervical cancer prevention and care.

From staging the event to ensuring press coverage, the NGP team pulled out all the IMC stops to make sure this advocacy was heard far and wide. To make sure the message was sustained and the fire of amplifying the petition – which called for a symbolic 11,000 signatures – didn’t die down after the event, we put out digital content on the Hope From Within Facebook page, continued seeding press releases, and even continued to engage content creators to keep talking about eventually bringing about a cervical cancer-free Philippines.

  1. LRT-1’s Heritage Transit Tour

In partnership with Renacimiento Manila, a cultural organization formed by volunteer artists, creators, and history enthusiasts dedicated to heritage conservation, LRT-1’s private operator Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) held a Heritage Transit Tour to promote the various cultural spots easily accessible via the said train.

Apart from enjoying the cultural tour themselves, the NGP team brought along a slew of media to cover this Monumentous (pun intended!) event. From the Central terminal, tour joiners enjoyed seeing Manila in a new light: exploring Calle Vito Cruz, rediscovering downtown Manila via Carriedo, and enjoying classic Luneta Park via United Nations.

After an eventful afternoon, everyone got to bring home special edition beep cards!

  1. Greenfield Development Corporation (GDC)’s Christmas Tree Lighting coverage

Because ‘tis the season, major players in every industry want to light the nation up with some form of Christmas-themed celebration. The NGP team is all for it, of course!

And so GDC tapped our wide media network to make sure that the first-ever Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in the metro for 2023 was well-known. As early as October, the property development company lit up Greenfield District in Mandaluyong with a larger-than-life Christmas tree – and NGP’s media coverage team was front and center. 

It was an early Christmas gift for all of us!

From IMC and events, to traditional and digital PR, and to every digital marketing execution your brand or organization needs, NGP-IMC can make it happen.

We’ve been doing it for over 25 years, after all.

Contact us today, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can. 

We can’t wait to Tell, Share, and Connect your Stories in 2024!

Harmony Adiao-Carrillo
Harmony Adiao-Carrillo is the editorial lead of NGP-IMC.