Turning Life On Against Female Sexual Dysfunction

There is a silent burden that many women all over the world suffer from, and it is called female sexual dysfunction (FSD).

It pertains to a persistent, recurrent problem with sexual response, desire or orgasm. FSD is often overlooked or ignored, largely due to the fact that society still frowns upon the idea of women being in tune and in touch with their own bodies, especially regarding reproductive and sexual health.

According to data, as much as 43% of adult women have experienced at least one manifestation of FSD at one point in their lives. Symptoms of FSD include the inability to achieve orgasm; low desire to engage in sex; difficulty with sexual response or arousal; and physical conditions such as poor vaginal lubrication and pain.

Female Sexual Dysfunction in the Philippines

Women who encounter these symptoms often simply ignore them, leading to more serious physical symptoms, and deeper emotional and social dissatisfaction. The good news is that FSD is easy to address, given the proper support system and guidance from a health professional.

In order to help spread awareness and education about FSD among Filipino women, innovative Malaysia-based pharmaceutical company AJ Research & Pharma recently organized a media briefing featuring one of the most renowned and trusted Filipino medical resources in the field of sexual education and therapy, Dr. Margarita Holmes.

Obstetrician gynecologist and former president of the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynegolocial Society Dr. Ditas Decena also provided information on the physical and medical aspects of the condition.

“The reality is that FSD not only affects the individual physically, but emotionally and socially as well. It strains her relationship with her partner, and a dissatisfied disposition negatively impacts interactions at home and at work in general,” explains Pinky Ferrer, senior product manager at AJ Research & Pharma.

In order to overcome FSD, there are numerous nonmedical treatments and lifestyle strategies such as couples therapy, counselling, and overall healthy choices such as exercise and diet.

VSENSE for Female Sexual Dysfunction


AJ Pharma has also introduced an innovative feminine intimacy product called VSENSE—a topical gel that restores natural moisture in the female genitals and helps enhance sensitivity and pleasure, thus addressing symptoms of FSD. It is a special patented formulat developed in Italy and uses only natural formulations and ingredients derived from plants.

With VSENSE, we aim to encourage women to make it a habit to take care of their sexual health and well-being,” says Javed Ghulam Mohammad, CEO of AJ Pharma, who flew in to Manila exclusively for the event.

It is high time that women get over the stigma of being sexually aware or in touch with their sexual needs,” adds Ferrer. “VSENSE helps empower women to address FSD and improve their overall well-being by improving their sexual health.”

For more information, visit vsense.ph and www.ajpharmaholding.com

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