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3 Best Practices for B2B Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for business to business is quite different since the target market varies. Instead of marketing to end consumers, you are convincing other businesses to buy or subscribe to your product.

Why Do B2Bs Need Digital Marketing?

Even if the target audience is different, B2Bs still need to market their service. Most businesses also tend to just search in online channels. Increasing visibility and brand awareness should be a priority for B2B entities.

Depending on the nature of the business, most people would like to transact online instead of having to go through all the process of calling and meeting with a salesperson. Going digital will give you the capability to make the customer journey easier and more efficient.

Another reason to go digital is that it gives the impression that your business is ready to adapt to changes. There is no doubt that almost everyone and everything will use digital channels for any of their needs. A company that adapts is also seen as resilient to changes in the times which can reflect its ability to deliver results no matter the situation.

With that said, how can you ensure that you are implementing an effective B2B digital marketing campaign?

Improving Attention to Detail in Planning

A bulk of the work for digital marketing campaigns is the planning and pre-production phase. This is where the goals and key performance indicators are set. You will be able to define and determine your B2B digital marketing strategy at this phase.

Just like any other digital marketing campaign, you need to determine first what you are dealing with. It helps to undergo these steps:

  • Do an audit whether it’s for a website or a social media campaign
  • Create detailed buyer personas
  • Choose which communication channels and mediums to target
  • Build a complete content marketing strategy
  • Set goals and KPIs

Do a research of what your competitors are doing to gain an advantage over them. It is not advisable to imitate. Instead, try to improve upon their techniques or strategy if possible. There are reasons why a website or a brand ranks higher or has more followers.

Maximizing Inbound Marketing through Content

It is not enough to use contests, promotions, and deals to entice other businesses into converting to your clients. These conversions can be short-lived since they are time-sensitive. After the reward has been reaped, you might find yourself losing visitors and followers.

Inbound marketing is an important tool for both B2B and business to consumers (B2C) entities. It allows you to generate leads and hopefully secure them as customers to close deals.

The tried and tested technique to generate more inbound traffic is through content marketing. Modify your content marketing strategy to cater to your B2B target audience.

If you have the resources, you can plan to target more channels. Write blog posts but also create entertaining and informative video content. Create infographics to build backlinks to your website. Do a podcast to prove that you are indeed knowledgeable in your field.

Being Patient with Expectations

Digital marketing campaigns do not produce results overnight. It is always important to note that expectations should always be realistic. They should support the baseline. Recalibration of expectations are expected as the campaign moves along.

If you are tracking information from your digital channels, be sure to make use of them too. You can also adjust your target personas based on which people are responding to your campaign most. Of course, it goes without saying that you should also be compliant with the new GPDR rules about data.  

Think of it as a long-term investment. You are continuously building brand authority and awareness. As both of these grow, your lead generation will also improve.

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