Go or No Go? Challenges in Digital Marketing for Businesses

During the span of a digital campaign, a lot of factors arise such as the challenges that digital marketers face. At its core, digital marketing aims to convince anyone to purchase or subscribe to the product. Marketing can be used to sell ideas too.

Digital Marketing: Go or No Go?


Every brand tries to market their product in some way, but not all of them take the digital route. One common mistake that brands make is staying in their comfort zone. Traditional marketing does exist but it is not as powerful as it used to be.


Another mistake brands make is that they go all-in for digital marketing. While it is true that it is the new landscape for marketing, there should still be a balance between both traditional and digital worlds.


Challenge # 1: Defining Goals


Before starting any campaign, one of the pre-production steps is defining what the key performance indicators (KPIs) are and the goals of the brand. You have to bear in mind though that it can be challenging to set a goal if you don’t have a clear baseline or an extensive understanding of how digital marketing works.


Defining goals is a team effort not only within the digital marketing team but also with the rest of the business. They need to understand what can be realistically achieved for the duration of the campaign. There should be a consensus before proceeding with the project.


KPIs should also be agreed upon. Depending on the digital marketing campaign you choose, the KPIs will be different. For social media campaigns, the common ones are page likes, followers, views, and reach. For websites, the usual metrics are the number of visitors, unique traffic, and average duration of stay. The KPIs can still change depending on the objectives and the nature of the project.


Challenge # 2: Managing Time


As the old adage goes: “Time is gold.” Time is something that cannot be turned back which is why it is one of the crucial factors in digital marketing.


A good campaign needs time to grow and flourish. Going for the paid ads route is the easiest way to get instant clicks and conversions. However, it is not the recommended course because it can be expensive to sustain.


Managing client expectations regarding the time is also part of the digital marketing challenge. They need to be informed well about what can be realistically obtained. It is up to the marketer to come up with a solid strategy that incorporates time consideration well.


Challenge # 3: Budget


Budget is one of the biggest challenges in any marketing campaign. It can be hard to make a consensus on a good budget that will satisfy the interests of both client and digital marketer.


As a client, you will need to assess whether a digital marketing campaign is worth the budget that the marketing team is proposing. Carefully consider the goals, the strategy, and even the digital marketer’s credentials in order to determine whether the budget will be worth it.


Instant results should not be expected. It will take time for digital marketing campaigns to mature and show results.  


Challenge # 4: Creativity and Innovation


There are already a lot of digital marketing campaigns and most of them tend to be similar. What will set your campaign apart from the others will be your creativity and innovation.


Sure, you can always play safe and do what is tried and tested. However, that would not always give you the best results. Experiment and see what sticks. Try new methods or even do A/B testing to see which changes in your campaign delivers better customer conversions and more.


With all the challenges in digital marketing for businesses, it can be intimidating. It can take a lot of research and planning to formulate the best possible campaign for your brand.


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