Rules of Attraction: How to Get the Beloved ‘Yes’

An agency pitching for a project or a new client is no different from the human ritual of courtship. Success is signified once you get that elusive “Yes!” to your proposal of a long and (hopefully) lasting relationship.

And just like courtship, the right elements need to come into play to make that magical moment happen. Here are some things to keep in mind in the exciting and wonderful dance of agency pitching:

Agency Pitching Tips

  • Show how you are of value. When you get into a relationship, you are basically saying, “I am good for you!” How will you be the best partner for the other party? What do you bring into the relationship that other suitors do not? These are the things that an agency needs to show clearly to snag a valued account or client.
  • Show how attractive you are. Being of value is different from being attractive. You may be useful and needed, but a partner that is sloppy or unpresentable will definitely not make for a desirable companion. An agency needs to be sharp, competent and articulate in terms of how it presents its equally good ideas. This will make your client proud to be in a partnership with you.
  • Keep the music playing. As in human relationships, courtship almost always ends up with the long-term prospect of marriage. Let’s say you finally got the account—Congratulations! To keep the union happy and productive, always work at it. Never take things for granted. Make sure to be responsive and adaptable to changing needs, so you always have the pride of place in the heart of your client.   
  • Don’t take it personally. It happens that the apple of your eye ends up choosing someone else, or that your relationship turns sour for one reason or another. That’s life! Be thankful for the opportunity to have met and been with the person, and wish them (sincerely!) all the best. For agencies, remember that the business world is small and you are bound to find new chances to pitch for an account or a project. It pays to keep communication lines open and be cordial always.

Accounts are the life blood of an agency, and relationships are what accounts are built on. It pays for agencies to keep the courtship mentality in mind to keep the business strong and growing.

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