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5 Rules of Social Media Marketing and Strategy

Businesses often turn to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram to promote their product or cause without having a solid social media marketing strategy. Without a strategy, the efforts and resources may just go to waste.


Why Can’t I Just Post Content?


Sure, you can just post stuff and see what sticks but that would be risky and irresponsible to say the least. Businesses that post online should realize that they are putting their brand’s reputation on the line. Their posts can either improve or bring down their brand’s reputation. There are instances where some posts can totally destroy a brand’s image.


For instance, Pepsi released a controversial ad, the one with Kendall Jenner seemingly “ending” an ongoing protest by giving a can of Pepsi to a police officer. People all over the world sounded off on social media, saying that it was trivializing political movements and protests.


Since Pepsi was already a huge corporation, the company did not really take a huge hit despite the global clamor. If that were to happen to a smaller  company, that could hurt or even destroy their reputation and revenue.


So the question is, what can you do to make sure your brand reaps the benefits of social media?


  1. Don’t Be Tone Deaf


A huge part of the social media blunders that corporate accounts make is being tone deaf. They may mean well in their posts about a particular issue, but their posts may end up being interpreted differently.


Carefully consider your post’s messaging before publishing it. It might not sound offensive to you but it may be to others. If possible, have the post reviewed first by other people so you can test it from different perspectives.


  1. Do Post Regularly


Once you have the hang of your messaging, you should post regularly. This should be done at a consistent rate so as to maintain and sustain your social media presence.


Do note though that posting too much in a day may not actually help your cause. People and even the Facebook algorithm might see your posts as spam. This is especially true if your posts do not really have substance in the first place. One to three posts per day is a good rule of thumb.


  1. Do Research


One common mistake of brands doing social media is that they do not research and plan. Researching what your niche is all about and who your target audience is should be a priority early on. This is why you should develop audience personas so that you will also be able to craft your posts accordingly.


Just posting any content for the sake of the act itself is not an effective strategy. Posting curated content for your target audience will yield higher engagement and conversions.


  1. Don’t Ignore Inquiries and Comments


Social media networks allow for two-way communication between you and your audience. If you post all the time but fail to acknowledge your users, you are losing great opportunity to explain more about your brand or where you stand.


Ignoring people’s messages and comments directed at you can bring you negative feedback. Engaging with users shows that there is a human being behind your social media account. Nobody likes a brand that doesn’t listen to the voice of the people.


  1. Do Use Licensed Content


If you are going to use images, photos, videos, and any other media for your posts, you should be well aware if you are actually allowed to use them in the first place. You can buy stock photos and footages so that you will own the rights to use them in your posts.


Corporate branded social media accounts that “steal” content are very much frowned upon. Not only does this show disregard for the work of other people, but it also opens you up for lawsuits and bashers. Giving credit only absolves you of plagiarism but not copyright infringement claims. Always use licensed content or at least ask permission from the owner of the media.


If used correctly, social media networks can bring you more customers and even brand advocates. Using them carelessly or neglecting audience feedback can hurt your reputation.


Talk to us and together, let’s make a winning social media marketing campaign.

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