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How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Social Media Campaign

Buyer personas help make businesses target their marketing efforts more efficiently. It also helps give more high-quality leads that will end up in converted customers from your social media campaign efforts.

Why Do You Need Buyer Personas for Social Media?

One of the common mistakes that businesses or advertisers make is that they just throw everything on social media and hope most would just stick. The problem with this approach is that they are not targeting the right people who will more likely subscribe or buy their products.

Let’s take a construction company for example. If they target as broad as they can, they’ll also most likely reach millennials or teenagers who are not interested yet in building something. That’s already a huge waste of effort and advertising money.

What the construction company should have been targeting are business owners. Some of them could be looking for someone to renovate their shop or others might want to expand to a new city.

WIth that said, you should know how to properly make effective buyer personas for your social media campaign. Here are a few tips.

  1. Do a Social Media Audit

Doing a social media audit will give you an overview of the page’s current standing. This can also give you insights as who are already engaging or following your page. You may already have some of your target audience on your page.

Check out how many followers you already have, which posts have the most engagement, and how they work so well. You can already form an idea regarding your successful social media marketing strategy which can help you later in the process.

  1. Know who you want

Just like in the example above, you should already have a sense of who your customers are/would be. One great way of getting the key identifiers for your audience is interviewing them.

Provided that you already have a number of customers, you can easily pick out a few for interviewing. Ask them what they do for a living and what made them buy your product or subscribe to your service.

Take all the notes and do a summary. You’ll be able to see a pattern for your customers once you have enough interviews. Use that as a pattern for you initial buyer personas.

  1. Know their problems

Part of why customers buy products or subscribe to services is that they want to solve a problem. Problems are also important parts for creating your buyer personas and target social media profiles.

In order to successfully sell your product or service on social media, you should be able to solve your customer’s’ problems with whatever you are selling.

You can use their problems as a basis on what kind of content you can post on your social media channels. For instance, you can post a video explaining how your product or service can help them.

  1. Know their time

It is impossible to get one timeslot where every one of your customers are online. However, it is possible to get the closest possible primetime range. This can help you maximize your social media presence.

For Facebook, you can easily do so by checking out Facebook Insights from your page. It plots a chart of which time of the day your followers are online. From there, you can get the peak times so you’ll know when to post to get maximum reach.

  1. Know how to pitch

Once you already have all of the other information for your buyer personas, it’s now time to come up with a pitch crafted for each of your buyer personas. This can easily be done once you’ve identified each of their problems that you can solve with your product or service. It will also depend on the social media platform that you are on. Focus on a good long term content creation plan. Choose whether it will be for a Twitter, Instagram, or a Facebook post.

Your pitch should also be short and sweet considering that people on social media have shorter attention spans. Attach the pitch on your buyer personas so you will have a reference later on.

What Now?

After creating buyer personas for your social media campaign, you can start creating content plans. You can also use the buyer persona to create custom audiences for targeted advertising.

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