Hack: Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing can be the solution that brings you more customers and better brand awareness, but it can also be a huge problem if done incorrectly. What are the mistakes in marketing that any company should avoid?

Mistake # 1: Insensitivity About Current Events

Banking on current events is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there. It can help the brand stay relevant. However, this can also go wrong if done out of context.

One of the well-known marketing blunders is fashion brand Kenneth Cole’s tweet in early 2011 which used the civil unrest in Cairo as a springboard for their new collection. Twitter users quickly responded to the tweet, saying that it was insensitive of them to post that tweet.

Rule of thumb is to not use tragic events for brand fuel. Not only will people turn on your brand, it can also have a huge negative effect on your brand image.

Mistake # 2: Bad Communication of Changes

Successful businesses know who their audience are and what they want. It is one of the first steps in making your brand succeed. You cannot really sell something if you do not know first who you are selling it to.

You need to know how and when to communicate changes to your loyal customers. Dropping new business changes, without thinking it through, might also lead to a loss of customers and sales. That is the case with Netflix’s Qwikster blunder.

Before Netflix became the huge film and TV series streaming service that it is today, the company first delved in mail-order DVD rentals. They wanted to finally enter the streaming world almost a decade ago.

When they did, they introduced Qwikster. Netflix had separate prices for each and it became more complicated. This did not sit well with their loyal customers.

If you have a major change in your business, it would be best to ease your customers in and make the messaging as simple as possible.

Mistake # 3: Underestimating Social Media

Almost everyone is online in today’s world of advancing technology. Social media also plays a larger role today than it did a few years ago. Now, it can be a serious source of leads for a business.

Almost every large brand or company across the globe has social media presence. It helps keep brand image and awareness up since most people spend hours on their social media accounts whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Build a good social media profile for your brand. Grow your following and you will be surprised to see improvements for your brand image.

Mistake # 4: Not Using SEO

Search engine optimization is often ignored by businesses because it can take a few weeks to a few months to see progress. However, it is actually one of the best digital marketing investments you can get for your brand.

SEO can provide you with better leads compared to other channels. This is because people who search for things online already have some intent to do business.

Mistakes like these can cost you in terms of money or opportunity. If you really want to do marketing done right, it would be best to consult with an Integrated Marketing Communications company.

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