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How to Turn Social Media Page Likers to Brand Advocates

Garnering thousands of followers on social media is not enough to get your business or product noticed. You can actually turn your likers or followers into your very own brand advocates with a few simple tips.

Getting people to like your page and your content is already half the battle. You still need to get them to be active in advocating your brand and expand your social media reach.

Be More Engaging

The best way for businesses and companies to boost social media efforts is to be more engaging. Posting bland content on your Facebook page may actually hurt your reputation more as people may see you as boring.

People also like it when they can relate to the content they see on social media. It’s one of the main reasons companies choose to run advertising campaigns that target the emotions of their customers.

You need to connect with your followers on social Media. This can be done by asking questions, hosting contests, and even posting memes.

Post Relevant Content Frequently

Followers also like companies that stay updated with the trends and current events. For instance, companies that post Christmas-themed content during the holiday season will most likely get more engagement.

Post frequently. Nobody wants to follow a page that does not have any updates.

Show Your Brand’s Personality

Your Facebook page or Twitter profile should have a unique personality that will make people remember your brand. People will also come back to your page to see what your brand has to say.

Followers will more likely root for your brand if they know your personality. They will share more of your content and even spread your company message, if necessary.

Be Consistent with Your Brand’s Message

All of your social media postings should instill a common theme or message, which will go a long way to people advocating for your brand. This also gives the impression that your brand is not just posting to gain more followers, but that you do actually care about your customers.

It is also important to base the content posts on the buyer personas that you made for your social media campaign. Doing so will keep the posts relevant for your targeted audience.

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