3 Important Metrics for Website Development

Building up a website is just half the battle. You also have to measure if it is indeed doing well and if it is growing.

After successfully setting up a website, it is now time to check the key performance indicators to see whether it is going in the right direction. There are just a few things to regularly monitor and they do not have to be that complicated.

Most of the KPIs here can be easily found through the Google Analytics dashboard, which is free to use for all websites. All of the KPIs can be measured daily, weekly, or monthly.


Incoming Traffic (Hits)

One of the most obvious KPIs to check for new websites is the traffic that it generates. When a website starts, it will have little to no traffic during its first few weeks.

Any incoming traffic should be well monitored. The hits on the website directly translates to how many people are clicking or visiting the site on their computers or mobile phones.

In terms of traffic, a higher number means that more people are increasingly visiting the site. It’s a common metric to be monitored for every website.


Conversion Rate

Conversion rate can be different depending on which goals are set for a website. One website can be setup to have downloads as the end-goal for the users while others can use subscription as a basis for success in a user journey.

Other common goals are users clicking on a link or a video, sharing an article, and more. It all depends on what you want to achieve with your website. If you have a high conversion rate, it means that your website is doing well. This is actually one of the most important KPIs there is for measuring the effectiveness of a website.


Average Session Duration

Even if you have a high number of visitors, it doesn’t mean much if they leave the site briefly after they landed. The average session duration tells how long visitors have stayed on your site. A longer duration means that they are interested in what your site has to offer.

Shorter times means that either your visitors have landed on your site by mistake or they do not like what they see at all. This can be fixed by making more engaging content.

Make sure to closely monitor these aspects to measure success of your website development project. Talk to us about how you can make your digital marketing campaigns better.


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