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How to Create Engaging Content on Social Media

Creating engaging content on social media can help ensure that followers will keep coming back to your page or profile. It can also lead to your content going viral, which means that you’ll probably get more followers altogether.

Why is Engagement Important?

Social media engagement creates more awareness for your brand. Posting regularly is not enough. Some would even consider it spam if all the posts do not have engagement.

Engagement can be gauged through the number of likes, comments, shares, retweets, and more. The more engagement a post has, the more likely it is to attract even more engagement and followers.

Relationships between the brand and the followers are also built through social media engagements. It helps your brand connect with your customers and potential brand advocates.

So, how exactly do you create engagement on social media?

Create Videos

Video content is now taking social media by storm. Instead of spending possibly millions on an ad for television, you can just create a video content for social media, which can possibly go viral.

Jollibee has already hit their stride with their recent “hugot” videos that captured audiences with emotional stories. Another popular example of viral video content is the Old Spice content, which features Hollywood star Terry Crews.

If your page has viral content, people will keep coming back to you. They will also learn to love your brand.

Ask Questions

Asking questions will almost instantly get responses from your followers as long as it is interesting and engaging. It provides a clear call to action, which can persuade your followers into engaging with your page.

Questions can be as simple as asking what their favorite food is, or their preferred clothing on a windy day. You also have to tailor the questions to be relevant to your brand.

Holding Contests

Contests are usually quick in getting more followers to engage with your social media profiles. This is especially true if the contest requires the followers to comment or share a piece of content.

Do note that contests are not a long-term solution for engagement. After the contests end, engagement usually dies down. Use the momentum to catch the attention of potential followers and customers.

Be Funny, But Not Always

People usually flock to social media to de-stress and to find something funny. Facebook pages with funny content and memes usually end up with a huge amount of followers and engagement.

One caveat is that funny doesn’t always suit the timing or relevance of current events. Posting a joke about a tragedy might not be the best way for engagement. So be wise in using humor when creating content.

Insert Call to Action

Without a clear call to action, followers tend to just scroll past your content. If you can give them a small instruction to like or share a post, they will most likely do so.

Some popular examples of posts that create the most engagement with a call to action are the ones that have the “Like this if you are ___” or “Tag your friend that ____” formulas. You can easily create one such post for your brand.

Getting social media engagement can take time. It also needs patience, but the end results are worth it for your social media presence.

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